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ABO Valves - butterfly- and check valves

Abo Valves offers a wide scope of products which covers butterfly valves for general and industrial use including high performance valves with double and triple offset, knife gate and ball valves as well as safety valves for the most demanding applications.

ARCA-REGLER GMBH - pneumatically activated control valves

The pneumatically and electrically-activated control valves we manufacture are sought-after products for use in industry. They have many applications – from power station construction to chemical plants, from pharmaceutical and foodstuff production to steelworks.

AW SCHULTZE GMBH, tömítéstechnika, síktömítés, szálasanyag, grafit, fémes tömítés, motortömítés, spiráltömítés, teflon, fésűstömítés

Established in 1878 in Hamburg, our company focusses on sealing technology with special orientation on flat gaskets made of materials, such as KlingerSil® and Sigraflex®. In addition to PTFE gaskets, metal gaskets, isolation flaps and grooved gaskets, our product range also includes special solutions.

Dango, filter technology, filter, separator, filter automats

The DANGO & DIENENTHAL Filtertechnik GmbH has been a reliable partner for liquid filtration in almost every industry for decades. Then as now, the ever-growing demands of our customers have been the motivation for our innovative spirit. Qualified engineers and a modern manufacturing system ensure the continuous advancement of our product range, which comprises basket strainers, filters for cooling water, filters for river water and automatic backwash filters.

EKATO FLUID, industrial agitators

Agitators from FLUID Misch- und Dispergiertechnik GmbH, cost-effective mixing technology. Applications: Chemicals, paints and printing inks, biotechnology, biofuels, pharmaceuticals, fibers and textiles, water & wastewater, raw materials, plastics, food, mineral oils & lubricants, cosmetics, paper and wood pulps, fertilizers, minerals processing.

EKATO (RMT), mixing technique

Optimized mixing technology for all process sectors. Applications: Bulk chemicals, Polymers, Specialty chemicals, Formulated consumer products, Biofuels and bio refineries, Flue gas desulfurization, Hydrometallurgy, Storage tanks

EKATO SYSTEMS GmbH, mechanical seals

Engineering and Manufacturing of vacuum mixing and solids processing units. Products: SOLIDMIX: Mixers and dryers for solids, UNIMIX : Vacuum process mixing systems, NANOMIX: High pressure homogenizers. Applications: Cosmetics, pharmaceuticals, specialty chemicals, foodstuffs.

FIKE, fire protection, rupture disc, overpressure, explosion, protection

Fike creates and manufactures industry-leading solutions for reliable safety and uncompromising protection of people and assets. Fike is the experienced, trusted expert in rupture disc technologies, explosion protection, fire alarm systems and fire suppression solutions.

W.L. Gore, gaskets, isolation, chemistry, resistant, gasket, chemically the biggest resistance

By using proprietary technologies with the versatile polymer polytetrafluoroethylene (PTFE), Gore has created numerous products for medical implants; fabric laminates; and cable, filtration, sealant, membrane, venting and fiber technologies for diverse industries.

Gulbinat, pressure measurement, temperature measurement, free of dead space, ball valve, pressure gauge, pipecleaning

Modern technic - more than 50 years of experience, Sanitary Valves: hygenic clean, dead space new defined, own design manufactured in Germany. Pigging System: clean pipes through pigging, economical and ecological, complete system solution. Measurements and gauges: complete range of manual and digital gauges, thermometers. Toll manufacturing: computerized drilling and milling maschines.

HARTMANN VALVES, fémes tömítésű gömbcsap, csőgörény, szerelvény, kútfej szerelvény

Today’s HARTMANN VALVES GmbH belongs to the leading manufacturers in the areas of ball valves, pigging valves, and well flanges. A worldwide presence in the crude oil, natural gas, petrochemical industry, power plant technology as well as geothermal and other renewable energies is our reference.

HKS, expansion joint, lens expansion joint

HKS manufactures expansion joints and hoses for numerous applications. Production ranges from industrially produced standard expansion joints through to expansion joints constructed especially to meet individual requirements. We are selling their lens expansion joints mainly.

Högfors, butterfly valve, ball valve, control valve

Over 80 years of experience has made Högfors Oy the acknowledged manufacturer of high quality valves for the energy and process industries as it is today. Their Blue Line product group includes ball and butterfly valves for control applications and shut-off use, and strainers for collecting impurities from the media. Their Silver Line product group includes ball and butterfly valves for control application and shut-off use. The Silver Line products are made from stainless steel with soft and hard sealing options.

Kempchen, metallic gaskets, gasket, fabric expansion joint, fabric, expansion joint, Klinger

The company was established in Oberhausen in 1889. Main customers are: Chemical companies, Refineries, Power plants, Apparatus and Pipeline engineering. Products: Gaskets, Packings, Compensators, Rubber and plastic materials. Since 2004 it belongs to Klinger.

KFG-LEVEL, bypass level indicator, level indicator, magnet, fluid, float switch, flow indicator It is a producer of bypass level indicators, magnetic float switches, is well-known
for its level-measuring technology
located in Switzerland.
Klinger, construction of valves, valve, ball valve, gauge glass

KLINGER Fluid Control GmbH is an Austrian company that deals with development, construction, production and worldwide distribution of valves, ball valves (DN 10 - DN 1000) and borosilicate gauge glasses. The company site is located in Gumpoldskirchen for over 100 years, about 20 km south of Vienna.

Klinger, Klinger-ag, sealing, producer of sealings, graphite, mica, sealings

It is located in Switzerland and is a producer of graphite, mica and combined sealing materials.

Klinger,, fibre reinforced gasket material, PTFE, sealing

KLINGER®top-chem materials are suitable for the whole range of dangerous media´s and with KLINGER®top-chem2000 there is a modified PTFE sealing material with unique load bearing capabilities at high temperatures up to 260 ºC existing which is just available from KLINGER Dichtungstechnik. KLINGER®top-sil-ML1 - a milestone in gasket material technology developed by KLINGER Dichtungstechnik is the solution. This new material concept with its unique multi-layer structure leads to a completely new property profile of fibre reinforced gasket materials.

Klinger, spiral wound gasket, spiral, gasket, ringjoint, metal, soft material, metallic gasket

Klinger is the world’s leading developer and manufacturer of quality sealing products for the oil and gas, petrochemical, aerospace and defence, utilities, pharmaceuticals and chemical industries. They have developed a comprehensive product range including Maxiflex, Maxiprofile, RTJs, Metal Clad Gaskets, KLINGERSIL® compressed fibre and PTFE sheeting to solve all sealing applications., klinger, level gauge, sight glass, steam trap

Klinger's instrumentation segment, manufacturing and selling level gauges – on which Klinger Italy has the monopoly within the Group – all over the world. It manufactures and markets gaskets and industrial technical instrumentation, fluid control products such as valves, pumps, level gauges, condensate drains, flow indicators, filters and other fluid control systems, as well as various industrial items.

krombach, Krombach, industrial armature, armature, armature manufacturer, manufacturer, strainer, check valve, valve, globe valve, flow indicator, metallic, sealing, ball valve, ball valve with metallic sealing, butterfly valve, Triex butterfly valve

Apart from quality standard valves Krombach also produces among other things metallic sealing ball valves, metallic sealing TRIEX – butterfly valves with a nominal size of up to 2,600 mm as well as soft sealing, double eccentric butterfly valves up to 4,000 mm.

maxmuller, MaxMüller, Max Müller Ag, illumination and visual observation systems, sightglasses, camera systems

For more than 75 years the experts for process illumination and visual observation systems. Their product range: Sightglasses, Wipers, motor drives for wipers, spraying devices, Sightglass light fittings, Illuminated sightglasses, Camera systems, Biogas technology.

Persta, persta, industrial armatures, armature, manufacturer, forged steel, steel, plate, thermoformed plate, casting

Persta does not use casting but forge products themselves. As a subsidiary of SIEPMANN-WERKE, they rely on their own forged steel. This is how they guarantee the quality and long service life of their products.

Praher-Valves, plastic, armature, manufacturer, industrial armatures, PP, PVC, PVDF, ABS, GFK

Praher-valves produces high-quality valves and fittings for industrial piping systems and the pool industry. Wide range of industrial armatures made of PP, PVC, PVDF, ABS and GFK.

Rifox, rifox, steam strap, manufacturer, float-controlled trap

Rifox manufactures a wide range of standard products within the four most applicable steam trap systems which solve all operational problems that might arise in this sector.

Ritag, ritag, flange, check valve, valve, swing check valve, bottom valve, manufacturer

RITAG has been planning, designing, and manufacturing high-quality check valves, bottom valves and sampling valves for more than 40 years.

SCHROEDER VALVES GMBH, szivattyú védelem, szerelvény tervezés, gyártás, szelep, finomító, erőmű, vegyipar, kőolajipar

Schroeder Valves is a global specialist in designing and manufacturing protective pump fittings based in Gummersbach, Germany. For more than 60 years we have been producing superior quality valves for refineries and power plants, the chemical industry, the offshore sector and, more recently, for the production of renewable energies.

Swissfluid, Technova AG, PTFE, elastomer, plastic, industrial, armature, industrial armature, sampling valves, sampling systems, designer, manufacturer

Swissfluid's core competence is in the area of specialized lined products that are used for the most severe corrosive or abrasive applications. Their valves and valve systems have been designed for maximum longevity and require little or no maintenance, resulting in low total cost of long-term ownership.

TERMOVENT SC, szerelvényipar, szelep, szelepek, tolózár, szennyfogó

Founded in 1963 the company TERMOVENT SC, is a regional leader in production of industrial valves, the production range cover the main segment needs of the industry. Main characteristics are the flexibility, reliability and last but not least the quality of the products.

thoenes tömítő zsinor tömítőzsinor dichtungstechnik

thoenes® is a traditional organisation with 140 years experience in the seal technology industry. thoenes® is your partner for specialised solutions and innovative seal technology. Customer advisers and field service engineers support our customers to establish the most technically suitable and cost effective seal for each application.

STS, STS Sensor Technik Sirnach AG, measurement, recording, measuring equipments, recording equipments, water treatment, industrial application, industrial water treatment

STS Sensor Technik Sirnach AG is an innovator in developing, producing and selling customized solutions in pressure measurement.

Willbrandt, willbrandt, compensator, expansion joint, rubber, metal, PTFE, rubber expansion joint, metal expansion joint, PTFE expansion joint, industrial, vibration damper, industrial vibration damper

Willbrandt offers compensators for various applications. Nominal sizes from DN 20 to DN 5000 are available. In addition to a comprehensive standard range of products, additional compensators can be manufactured according to customers' specifications and pipe systems – with and without tie rods. It is also possible to provide expansion joints with special accessories in order to fully exploit the advantages of the expansion joints for all virtual applications. Rubber expansion joints, Stainless steel expansion joints, Fabric expansion joints, PTFE expansion joints, Stainless steel hoses, Accessories, Limiters.

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